The Student Union

The Student Union is the representative body of the students on campus. It is your address for any academic question you might have and is responsible for promoting and developing student life in Beer Sheva.

The Student Union on the Ben-Gurion University campus has been active for many years to promote students well-being and is a center of cultural, social and academic activities. The Student Union's website and Facebook page will help you with your new student life. On the website you can find updates on everything happening on campus, forums, activities, events and more. With the help of our Facebook page you can stay connected with all the hottest updates, cultural events, images, videos and more. The Student Union is here for you. We are here to solve any problem you may encounter throughout your studies and to enrich your lives while you study at Ben-Gurion University and live in Beer Sheva.

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  • How do I register as a Student Union member?

    The first step on your way to becoming a Student Union member is by paying the welfare allowance to the university, in which the Student Union membership fee is included. If you haven't requested to cancel this welfare fee as you were paying your tuition fees, you now count as a Student Union Member.

    The second step which is most important for completing the process is signing up to the Student Union by registering in the Student Union website To register you need the username and password the university has given you.

    If you've tried to sign up with the password but failed – this is why:

    Students who have received a password while opening a new user (when you were registering to the university or via the telephone operators) own a temporary password only. This password is used for signing up to courses and registering at the university only. After using your temporary password you have to change it to your own secret password. The Computation Helpdesk is in charge of creating passwords for students' use throughout the year, you must display an ID to get the new password. The helpdesk is located in building 58, room 003 and is active throughout the summer break. We recommend to new students who already live in Be'er Sheva, to visit the helpdesk before the beginning of the year.

  • How do I get all the information I need?

    This is how to stay updated on everything that's going on at BGU.

    The University Website contains updates, information about the different faculties, departments and offices, phone book, etc. Additionally, through the university website, you can sign up for courses, find out personal information, check your grades and more |

    University Email for each new student. An email address is created in which you will receive all of the most important updates from the university and Student Union. It is very important to frequently check this e-mail, preferably on a daily basis. The different departments of the university send relevant information for the students via this email – updates concerning university and the different departments' working hours, essay and exam grades, information about events, conferences, delegations, scholarships and more, so it is very important to stay updated! |

    Student Union Website – On this website, you can find updates and articles about everything happening on campus and student life in Be'er Sheva, forums, exam and summary archives, a jobs board, hitchhiking board, apartment rental board and more. Through the website, which is updated daily, you can register to be a member of the Student Union by using the username and password the university has given you.

    The Student Union Weekly Update – the Student Union sends out an email to all students containing details about the different Student Union events happening that week, important updates and information about various other interesting activities. Don't forget to check your email frequently in order to be updated about what's happening on campus and outside it! Click here to sign up to receive this newsletter.

    Ben-Gurion University Student Union International Facebook Page – Like this page to connect with the unique student vibe which exists only here at Ben-Gurion University.

  • Now that I'm a student, what benefits do I get?

    Students receive many discounts and benefits in various areas, here are some that you really wouldn't want to miss out on:

    Arnona tax and water discounts

    Students deserve a discount in the Arnona land tax and monthly water bill, according to certain criteria. In order to receive this discount, one must hand in several forms to the municipality's Arnona department and Water Corporation. To help you with this bureaucratic process – at the beginning of the year, the Student Union brings representatives from the different organizations in order to take care of requests for discounts. Additionally, the Student Union lawyer signs the affidavit required for the Arnona discount, free of charge. Follow the updates on the Student Union website, email and Facebook page in order to make an appointment with said representatives at the various dates they'll be at the university. Click here for more information.

    Public transportation discounts

    In the framework of various agreements with the National Student Union, students are entitled to special discounts for use of the various public transportations in Israel – buses as well as trains- by using your Rav Kav. Click here for more information.

    Discounts at various businesses

    Many businesses offer special benefits and discounts to students, especially the big banks, insurance companies, cellular companies, cable and Internet companies and more. At most banks, you can open a special student account that allows credit card benefits, student loans, commission discounts, etc. The cellular companies also offer cheaper deals to students, therefore it is a good idea to check and decide which one suits you the best. The cable and Internet companies offer you good discount packages as well, so hurry up and check the different companies out before you make up your mind. Small businesses around the country as well as in Be'er Sheva offer sometimes special student discounts, so you can't lose by asking "Do you have a student’s discount?"


    During the beginning of the year fair, many businesses arrive on campus and offer special benefits to students. It is recommended to wait for this opportunity to receive all the information you need.

    Further information is available right here on the Student Union's website.

  • When do I get a Student ID card and what do I do with it?

    You must keep your Student ID card throughout the entire period of your studies in order to enter the university grounds, receive Student discounts, buy tickets for the different Student Union events and more. The university sends the ID card home by mail after you send a passport photo via the university website (a detailed letter about the process is sent to all new students).

  • What if I don't get an ID card before the school year begins?

    The university doesn't always manage to send out the ID card before school starts, and many students will receive them at their home address only during November. In the meantime, it is recommended to print out the year's study permit which can be found on the university website >> Students. Get it stamped and signed at the Student Union Service Offices (at the entrance to the Student Center), and carry it with you at all times until you get your ID Card.
    Click here for more information.

  • Student Council

    The Ben-Gurion University Student Council is the managing council of the Student Union and consists of a group of representatives. The council is made up of students, representing the different departments, who are chosen each year in a personal and regional election by all Student Union Members. The council is a legislative body, guiding the Chairman of the Student Union and Management, monitoring their actions. The council defines the Student Union's different goals, chooses its senior managers, approves the Student Union budget and decides on important matters. The council elections are held in the middle of the first semester. Any member of the Student Union can run for a place in the council. Come and take part, be involved, represent, change and affect important matters!

  • Student Union Management

    The Student Union Management is in charge of the daily Student Union activities. The Management consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the 4 different Heads of Departments: Academia, Culture, Student Involvement and Spokesman-ship & Publicity. Under Management there is the Operations Office, in charge of production of different services and activities offered by the Student Union. Each department works for the students' wellbeing in its own realm. The Chairman of the Student Union represents the students in the different university committees: Appeals Court, Disciplinary Court, Acting Committee, Senate, Committee of Student Matters, Board of Trustees, Scholarship & Dormitory Appeal Committees and more.

  • Academia Department

    The department's goal is to assist you in finishing your degree successfully and taking care of all your academic needs.

    The department’s services include:

    Counseling and guidance on academic problems – Each faculty has a coordinator which may be contacted by e-mail. The department reception days are Sunday – Thursday at the Student Center, room 161.

    Lending library – The Student Union’s library lends books at a low price and operates in cooperation with the Dean of Students Office. The library offers a variety of books for a whole semester or even for the entire year. The library is located at the Aranne Library.

    Exams and Summaries Bank – A collection of summaries, exam booklets and exam answers from all faculties at the Student Union’s website.

  • Culture Department

    The department is in charge of recreation, fun and culturally enriching the students with a mass of events and shows – there are no dull moments!


    The Culture Department holds events throughout the year, starting from small gatherings to major shows such as the Student Day Festival. Of course, we cannot forget the sing-along nights, theatre performances, pool parties, Purim Carnival and more |

    Tuesday @ 6 – gatherings with Israeli musicians. The Student Center becomes a concert hall and hosts top artists for an intimate performance and a talk with the students.

    Sports activities – Student street ball and soccer leagues, an event-filled Sports Week, screening of important games on a massive screen and many more things |

    Extracurricular classes

    The Negative Cinema

    The Student Union operates its own cinema on campus – The Negative, which screens two movies every night and brings the newest films to the campus, as well as cinematic classics from the past and nostalgic\ hits. The two Negative screening halls seat 250 people, and are used during the day as lecture halls for the various university departments. By night, however, they become a cinema: Advanced sound and screen systems, HD-quality movies, and a classic cinema kiosk with discount prices. The Negative holds many different events each semester, such as the 'Mad Movie Club', interactive screenings of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' in addition to special events, dedicated to beloved themes, directors or actors. Student Union Members can benefit from a very cheap annual subscription.

    The Negative is located in building 26, 2nd floor – Just follow the scent of popcorn.

    Studio POSITIVE

    The Student Union’s aerobics studio is here to let you train after a long day of studies. The studio operates six days a week and offers a variety of classes such as spinning, kickboxing, Zumba, Pilates and more – All right here on campus and at a low price. The classes schedule is updated every week on the Student Union’s website.

  • Student Involvement Department

    The department promotes meaningful social activities on campus by supporting student initiatives for social change and holds involvement events such as lectures, panels, movies and more.

    The department has several offices acting in different social matters:Social / Community InvolvementIn charge of liaising with the different organizations on campus that work towards community involvement and social action in campus and beyond.

    You may contact one of the two involvement coordinators with any idea or initiative you would like to undertake:

    Environment: Increasing the student’s awareness to an environmental-friendly way of life.

    Residing in the Negev: Getting to know the city of Be'er Sheva and the Negev as a whole.

    Gender Equality and Treatment of Sexual Harassment Cases

    It is important that you know that our department has a female coordinator who takes care of cases of sexual harassment on campus, and is available 24 hours a day for requests, advice and support. You can contact her via email: Click here for more information.

    “Street Makeover" Project (Osim Rehov):

    This is a unique project, deigned to connect the student body with the rest of the residents in their neighborhoods, while improving the public space |

  • Spokesmanship & Publicity Department

    In charge of spokesmanship, advertising, publicity and foreign relations in the Union. The main goal of the department is that all students will be aware of the Union's activity and use the different services it offers.

    The department has several offices:

    Spokesmanship and Publicity Office – Management of the department, Union spokesmanship and new media.

    Internet Office – In charge of the various Union Internet sites and Facebook page.

    Office of International Affairs – Creating various activities in order to connect the international student crowd with the local students, carrying out delegations abroad, delegation exchanges, campus activities programs and events. Click here for mpre information

    Advertising Office – In charge of advertising as well as branding of the Union and its events.

    Video-Art Office – The Union creates movie clips together with volunteering students, which allow you to see the unique student life one can only find here in Be'er Sheva. Participation, suggestions and ideas for clips or anything that will add to this vibe are very welcome |

  • Welfare Office

    Contact information:

    Acts to improve student welfare on campus; takes care of requests concerning dorms and their services, scholarship requests within the Student Union and is always in contact with different services around town including Arnona, water, transportation and more. The office is also used as an address for any issues concerning the different university concessionaires (cafeterias, restaurants, etc.).

Extra services

  • Lawyer Services

    The Student Union lawyer gives free initial law advice to Student Union Members who need it. An appointment must be made through the Student Union Service Office. At the beginning of the school year the lawyer is available on several specific dates in order to sign the necessary forms for Arnona discount requests. Follow the updates on the Student Union website and Facebook page in order to make an appointment at the beginning of the year.
    Click here for more information.

  • Borrow a Phone Charger

    Nothing is worse than watching your phone slowly run out of battery without being able to do anything about it. The Student Union is here to save the day!

    How Does it Work?

    – The Student Union offers several different kinds of chargers, for most common cell phones.

    – The chargers can ONLY be borrowed by students who are members of the Student Union

    – Borrow period cannot exceed a day.

    You may borrow the charger at the Student Union Services Office, after filling out a form and leaving a deposit (Student ID or driver's license). If you damage the charger, you must get a new one to replace it.

  • Microwave Map

    Your lunchbox is ready and all you have to do is just follow the map and find the closest microwave to you, and fill your bottle of water while your lunch is getting heated >> Click here to check out the map

    Bon Appetit!