Pregnant Women and Parents on Campus

Are you a student who recently gave birth? Mazal Tov! The university suggests a comfortable solution for nursing and diaper changing.

Nursing Rooms
Student Building (70) Room 159
Marcus Campus Building 35 Room -106
Marcus Campus Building 72 A593
Health Sciences M105
Hayes House H2 Room 142
Sde Boker Campus Building 42 Room 101
Eilat Campus Room 404 in the Student Building

To receive a key to enter a nursing room, contact Rachel Belven Promovitz at 08-6472367 or

Diaper changing stations
Building 72 in the Women’s Restroom on the 3rd floor near the elevator (near Room 392)
Building 16 in the Women’s Restroom on floor 0, Room 086
Oren Library in the Women’s Restroom on floor 0, Room 251
Student Building, Women’s Restroom on the 1st floor, Room 191
Building 97, 1st floor, Handicapped Restroom
Building 32, 1st floor, Room 131
Building 90, 1st floor, Room 155, Women’s and Handicapped Restrooms
Deichman Building M8, 1st floor
Hayes House H2, 1st floor Room 241
Building 55 (mechanical engineering) floor 0, Handicapped Restroom near the elevator

For questions or comments please contact the Student Welfare office:

Leah Fisher- Student Building (70), 1st floor Room 164.
Phone: 0542321305
Office 086472386