Do you want spare yourself of the headache that comes with searching for an apartment? Now’s the time to sign up to live in the Student Dormitories!

The Dormitories
-The Dean of Students at Beer Sheva presents a cheap and comfortable living situation to all students of the university.
-The two dormitories are located on both sides of the campus, in Neighborhoods Gimel and Daled.
-Registration, including dorm preference, is done via request form to the Dean of Students.
-In each dorm building there is a computer room, laundry room, special events and other activities that are special for dorm residents.

How much does it cost?
The purpose of the dormitories is to give a reasonably priced living situation. Payment can be made with payment vouchers and via the Student Accounts office, just as tuition is paid.

More Information on the dorms can be found here.

For questions and more information, please contact Shir at