We know the student community very closely and know that the desire to do good and help in such situations only intensifies. So… we decided to bring together all of the amazing initiatives that have emerged in recent days where you can volunteer and give a hand (even if covered in a glove) to those who need it.

** Volunteering is welcome, but it is important to pay attention to the Ministry of Health guidelines as part of the personal responsibility for each one of us **

  1. Asran

At the moment, a problem has arisen because medical staff's children remain at home and this causes medical personnel to stay with them as well. Soroka Hospital runs a daycare for the staff’s children and has asked us to help them run it between 8:00 and 16:00. Everything will be run according to the rules of the Ministry of Health and the new regulations.

Link to Whatsapp Group https://chat.whatsapp.com/CHQgg1fXrVG9vq1AGj9Sk9

Link for to register for volunteering at Soroka Hospital https://docs.google.com/…/1Is_FqyHwNYz1XR…/edit…https://docs.google.com/…/1Is_FqyHwNYz1XR…/edit…

Link to register for daycare volunteering https://docs.google.com/…/1iqwgljU8d63PQcxZpPcK…/edit…

In these difficult times, it is important that critical places such as hospitals continue to function as best as possible!

  1. Israeli Solidarity in Beer Sheva:

The Corona crisis does not skip any home. Every family has isolated, unemployed, self-employed and small business owners who do not know what will happen tomorrow. We are a group of young men and women from all over the country who have teamed up to create a national network of support and mutual assistance. In short – we are here so no one has to go through it alone!

Need a child babysitter?

Isolated and finished all the pasta in your ?

Know an elderly or disabled person who needs medical treatment?

And maybe you even want to join us and help?

Sign up to volunteer >> http://bit.ly/2vlnUzG

Our volunteers will contact you or will connect you with the regional volunteer groups.

We would if you share and pass on the word ?


The Whatsapp Group for Activity in Beer Sheva – https://chat.whatsapp.com/DdpL7MA7xEhBn5q8OuWeWI

  1. Israeli Startup Enables Mental Care and Connection with Families for People in Isolation: https://bit.ly/33bDlah
  2. Rakefet Association has opened a support group for people in isolation: https://bit.ly/33bDlah
  3. Beer Sheva is recruiting to help people in quarantine who need us – we have concentrated everything into one place.

Dozens of people apply and volunteer to help the Corona patients – and there are lots of ways to do it. Want to help? We have concentrated all options to help people currently in isolation: Transfer food deliveries to those in quarantine, medicine, make phone calls and more.

This is our chance to do something good for people on need. Of course all parts of the volunteering are safe and do not endanger anyone.

Details can be found on the registration form: http://bit.ly/2xHDc2E

  1. Neighborhood Patrol is underway

One of the ideas we have come up with for helping the community is a patrol team that will move around the neighborhood to map the (direct and indirect) Corona patients – to help them through a neighborhood support system.

And this is where you come into the picture. How to get started: On Tuesday at 10:00 and 16:00 we will take two mapping rounds in neighborhood B. We will meet at the Writers' Park – next to the Park House (Dubnov Street). Anyone who wants can join the WhatsApp we have opened https://chat.whatsapp.com/H7Ghdm5yzuy19qZaEZ7lVR

The goal is to find out who in the neighborhood needs help with food deliveries, who would like to receive calls to alleviate  loneliness, who would like to join a patrol or some other mutual aid.

And to end it, it is currently in neighborhood B because we need to start somewhere, but the thought is that it will expand to other neighborhoods. In short, talk to us if want to help out!

Sending you all a virtual hug!

  1. Following the outbreak of Corona virus, tens of thousands of residents have been asked to enter a two-week home isolation. Home insulation can create many needs and shortcomings, so we decided to open the "One Heart" group.

We operate a network of volunteers across the country, whose purpose is to help the needs of those in isolation and other people who need it – from shopping and food, to the transportation of children, etc.

At such times, it is imperative to maintain unity and to go out to help those who are needed.

If you have any problem that cannot be solved by the authorities, or you are in quarantine and you need anything, or you know anybody who does, you are welcome to contact or call our phone: 026762044. (Also available on Whatsapp)

You can also contact us in a private message to our Facebook page, and in this form https://forms.gle/uHaPJBMY2Cw3bJneA

All who wish to volunteer are also invited to fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/Xkcvegr3tP9jcAUHA

  1. People are stuck in quarantine praying for someone to do some shopping for them. Won't you be this person?

The Im Tirzu Hotline is here to help. To register: https://imti.inwise.net/coronavirus


  1. There are loads of Russian speaking seniors and patients during this time! They can be helped via phone with translation and understanding.

If you speak Russian, please contact me and I will see how you can help.

I would love to forward this message to friends and groups who may be able to help as well.

Zoe 0523235941

  1. There is a hotline in Amharit for older citizens and new immigrants that do not speak Hebrew, to help them fill out forms for unemployment and other important forms. The hotline runs on Sunday-Thursday from 08:30 to 13:30. Telephone number is: 02-6589997.

  1. Volunteers beat Corona

Assisting citizens in quarantine getting groceries or remote assistance. https://adamleadam.co.il/?fbclid=IwAR21P66pv7LEi3CwaNtTEWqysxlCYIGNuFuXwrecTuFzTxJ9TkCXIl8aCpQ

  1. ✨IDC School✨

* Students help students *

In light of the challenging period we are going through we want to take part in helping our amazing community, especially the children!

Right now, when we all have a little more free time ⏳ we hope you can volunteer. Without commitment. At convenient times. For however long you’d like. Without leaving home *

Join a Facebook group and see if there is a kid who needs some help in a certain field and maybe you can help him?

Spend an hour of your day, have fun, reduce social gaps, make a small change in a child's world and especially – earn satisfaction from giving to another?

How does it work?

  1. * Visit our Facebook page * (attached link). Students from all over the country will apply for classes. They will write their age, the subject they need help in and the time that is convenient for them.
  2. * Respond to a post relevant to you *
  3. Send a student a * summon to a meeting on the Zoom app *.

(For questions about the app / technical problems please contact us on Facebook!)

Rabin Program CONTACT Team


Students and students from all institutions are invited to join and pass it on ?

  1. Try something interesting

As you know, educational frameworks have closed, leaving dozens of families with children in special education climbing the walls of the home. Let's make lemonade from the lemons! We are looking for students who are ready to deliver half-hour/40-minute activities through Zoom to special education children – sports, arts, music, cooking and whatever comes to mind. The kids will benefit –they will meet more friends and you! And you will gain as well! Anyone interested can fill out the Google Forms here. I will call you before a lesson so you do not need to worry. If there are many students interested, I will check with the relevant parties the option of completing scholarship hours through this this volunteering.


  1. There are many elderly and people with background illnesses who are currently forced to stay in their homes to protect themselves from the corona virus that can cause serious complications in these groups. The same people need food, medicine or other things and can't go out and buy them. The Door 2 Door project is an initiative established by young people, members of the "Taglit Excel" community, that allows us to help them: Hundreds of young people from around the country are committed to buying what they need for those people.

How does it work?

Volunteers will purchase the groceries with gloves and place them outside the door- so there will be no frontal meeting that could jeopardize either side.

So if you: need our help, know relevant contacts or you are in isolation yourself and cannot help your relatives please sign up and we are already on your way to you


  1. National Medical Assistance Initiative *Requests for assistance have been made in Beersheba, but volunteers are missing. For more details join the Facebook group at the link*

Adopt a doctor. This is an initiative to help doctors and nursing staff meet their needs during the Corona.

Whether it is volunteering to babysit their kids, preparing hot meals, grocery shopping, donating disinfectant and masks, or anything else.

Anyone wishing to adopt a doctor is invited to fill out the following form:


More than 200 doctors have contacted us by noon yesterday. Our matchmakers will appoint you a doctor within geographical proximity to you soon.

** Please follow the Ministry of Health guidelines updated on the official website.**

For the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/510147053207114/

  1. Medical students, paramedics? We need you!

The increase in the number of people tested for Corona is made possible thanks to the many volunteers who are already undergone training and are already carrying out tests throughout Be'er Sheva.

The volunteering is relevant to medical students of all years and students with paramedics certificates.

Sign up to volunteer on the following form:


  1. Russian-speaking volunteers are needed for conversations with seniors. You are invited to join and relieve the loneliness of the elderly these days through telephone calls.

* Availability is required for about 2 phone calls per week

* Volunteer start – immediate

* * Currently Russian-speaking volunteers are required *

Interested in joining?

Email us- ametzsaba.il@gmail.com

For more details, Yarden 0508783738

  1. Shaldag Veterans Association is recruiting for the elderly and anyone in need of help.

We are in the process of setting up neighborhood patrols all over the country. We have hundreds of volunteers and we really want to help. We need your help to reach people who need help (within the Ministry of Health guidelines limit).

Know people who need help? People who feel lonely and want a volunteer to talk to them once a day? Someone to help him with online shopping?

Fill out this short form- https://forms.gle/193UndFrDXCfdMDU9

And we will make sure to help them wherever possible!

  1. We are looking for volunteers to give out trays of prepared food for seniors in need in the city of Beer Sheva. Your commitment should be three days a week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday). There is an arranged collection point open from the morning until 13:00. From there we disperse to the different houses.

* Following Ministry of Health guidelines * we will place the prepared food at the door, ring the bell and proceed to the next address.

You are welcome to join the WhatsApp Group – https://chat.whatsapp.com/K1EOywPjZ5n6KQowSVjq6X

  1. Hello everyone,

In recent days, we have received a request from the Ministry of Health to recruit students from the medical professions to the medical staff in hospitals, communities and any other medical posts as the current situation develops.

The Ministry of Health is now seeking to build this pool of volunteers. The volunteers will be paid for their work.

Link to register for the database- https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx

  1. Friends – Road Assistance

* National Emergency Recruitment *

Following the Corona crisis in Israel, Friends Organization is recruiting new volunteers. The organization provides non-medical first aid on the road and at homes, such as assistance with flat tires, cables, towing, unlocking vehicles, stuck doors, rescuing from elevators and more, * at no cost! *

* On these special days, the organization's volunteers provide transportation of food and medicine to those in quarantine and to minorities.

Over 22,000 volunteers from all over the country have joined the social enterprise, come and join too!

* (No professional knowledge required) *

Click on the link below, write down your city name and join the group in your area.


  1. Friends, the emergency mission at the request of the Ministry of Health * in anticipation of the expected rush in the hospitals *, is looking for volunteers who can commit for the next month and a half * to come help – organizers, managers, and everything to help the permanent staff. *You will not come into contact with patients *.

Anyone who can commit to this period of time, including training, vaccinations, and whatever is required by the Health Ministry, please send me a WhatsApp message in private so that we can forward it to the Health Ministry to associate you with the nearest hospital:

* Full Name, Cell Phone, Mail, Town *

#Community Mission International

Thanks, Sapir – 0547602588