Volunteering Opportunities

The Power of Giving – Koach Latet Beersheba

Too many needy Israeli individuals and families live in shameful conditions, lacking basic amenities for the home and even essentials like a bed, refrigerator, table and chairs, stove, or a baby carriage. With the poverty rate in Israel currently standing at 25%, thousands of people struggle to furnish their homes with even the most basic of necessities.

Meir Panim’s Response – a Powerful Solution

To meet this need, Meir Panim’s “Koach Latet” Power of Giving (POG) warehouses collect second-hand equipment donated by Israeli citizens, including furniture, household electrical appliances, clothes, etc. for distribution to needy individuals. POG collects the donations directly from the benefactor’s homes with its delivery trucks and brings the equipment to the network's branches throughout the country. The equipment is repaired, cleaned, and catalogued, and hundreds of volunteers distribute them to the needy, new immigrants and lone soldiers. Needy individuals receive referrals to visit POG’s centers from local Welfare and Absorption services. They choose the products that they need for their homes, pay a token fee and their “purchases” are promptly delivered to their homes by POG’s delivery trucks.

Our Clientele Recipients include victims of terror attacks trying to rebuild their lives, lone soldiers who came to Israel on their own to serve in the IDF, new immigrants, the elderly and handicapped, and thousands of needy students who receive backpacks and school supplies via POG’s associated programs.

Address: 10 Ha’Zorea st. Beer Sheva

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Neve Shva – Old Age Home

Neve Shva Old Age Home was built in 2007 and gives home to 138 elders. The home is located in the center of Beersheba and includes a nursing wing and a ‘mentally frail’ wing.

The residents are offered various activities every day: occupational therapy, music, gardening, animal therapy and more

 Address: 18 Yad Vashem st. Beer Sheva

HARUV Absorption Center Beer Sheva

Built in 2004, HARUV absorption center provides every assistance and support needed for Ethiopian olim while they take their first steps towards an independent life within the Israeli society. The center organizes activities for both adults and children, including Hebrew ulpan; seminars on financial issues, parenting, Jewish customs, and Israeli culture; trips; sports; music and more.

Special projects:

– Football Club: teaching the game, while working on group dynamics and values.
– English Language training
– Computer Lab

Address: 45 Gush-Etzion st., Gimel neighborhood, Beer Sheva

LATET – Israeli Humanitarian Aid

In light of the growing phenomena of poverty and nutritional insecurity in Israel, LATET initiated and has been operating for the past 15 years, the "Food for Life" program designed to provide effective assistance to as many needy individuals as possible in their daily struggle to survive through the collection and distribution of food via a network of partner local nonprofit organizations. In addition, the program aspires to raise the Israeli public's awareness to the plague of poverty and hunger.

LATET serves as an umbrella organization to 120 nonprofit organizations (associations, soup kitchens and municipal social services departments) in 80 communities of all sectors of Israeli society including: senior citizens, large families, single parent families, new immigrants, etc. This collaboration produces efficient, continuous aid to over 50,000 families and 200,000 needy individuals.

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Earth’s Promise- Environment Movement

Shvuat ha-Adamah (Hebrew for "Earth’s Promise") provides an educational, sustainable and sociable setting in Beer Sheva for families and individuals of all backgrounds. We offer local residents and volunteer groups from Israel and the world an opportunity to experience a healthy and sustainable way to live in an urban jungle. With our dedicated team of experts in communal gardens and compost network we provide our local community and visitors with essential tools that allow them to become contributors to their own choice of leading a life that can be greener and can cause less harm to the environment.

Our laboratory is Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev desert and home to diverse ethnic and religious communities, as well as unique and varied ecologies. Earth’s Promise works collaboratively with citizens of all backgrounds to develop social and economic paradigms that support dignity and respect, while treading lightly on natural resources. By developing locally sustainable solutions to pressing global problems, Earth’s Promise seeks to strengthen and improve the quality of Israel’s environment, its people, and its economy.

For volunteering options and signing up for ongoing programs- The Kalisher Community Garden, The Green Synagogue and The Composting Project:

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The Negev Museum

The Negev Museum of Art is located in the Old City, in a structure that was used in the past as home to the Turkish governor, during the Ottoman reign in Israel. The structure was built in 1906 next to the grand mosque and other governmental buildings. During the British mandate the structure was used as home to the appointed district officer, and later as a girls' school. After Israeli independence, the structure served as the city's municipality building, and was later transformed into The Negev Museum of Art, as part of the Archeology Museum compound. In 2004 an extensive renovation was completed, which included the addition of an elevator and modification of the inner spaces to modern museum presentation standards, and it is now declared as a preserved historic building. The museum contains two galleries holding temporary displays, and a vast entrance yard. Visitors can enjoy temporary exhibitions and live concerts during the summer.

Options for volunteering as museum guides relevant to students with some background in art studies.

Address: 60 Ha’atzmaut st. Beer Sheva

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 A national non-profit organization in Israel that represents a population of 30,000 mentally handicapped individuals, including 10,000 children and their families.

One in every 200 babies is born with some sort of mental handicap. Some of them will be able to integrate into society; most of them will need treatment for the rest of their lives. AKIM was founded in 1951 as a national organization by the parents of mentally handicapped children who decided to take control of their children’s lives and promote their quality of life. Today AKIM has 59 branches spread out across the country.

The Beer Sheva center provides afternoon activities for people in their 20’s, including arts and crafts, games, computers, sports, short group outings, etc. The volunteers are mainly students from Ben-Gurion University.

If you have any professional training (dance, yoga), or if you can teach music, drama, art, etc. – there’s an option of opening a group on a weekly basis.

Address: 17 Wolfson st., Beer Sheva.

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Etgarim – Sports rehabilitation organization

Etgarim (Hebrew for "Challenges"), a non-profit organization, was founded in 1995 by a group of disabled IDF (Israel Defense Forces) veterans, disabled civilians and senior rehabilitation professionals. It was founded in order to help children, adolescents and adults to rehabilitate themselves physically, mentally and socially, through challenging sports and outdoor activities.

Etgarim is based on a unique and novel approach, which actively implements the most advanced methods of modern rehabilitative psychology. Etgarim acts to fulfill the personal potential in everyone, to cultivate excellence and to create a new, positive self-image among the disabled community, and among Israeli society at large.

Currently, there are about half a million children, adolescents and adults living on the margins of Israeli society, with physical and mental disabilities or special needs. Etgarim gives them hope, and opens the door for a rich variety of activities and outdoor sports programs, which help them to integrate into society.

Tandem Bikes

Tandem bikes are used by two riders riding together on one bike and thus enable blind riders or riders with eyesight disabilities, head injuries and balance disabilities to enjoy the sport of bike riding.

About the activity

Riding tandem bikes is suitable to any participant who can use his legs to ride but cannot operate the bicycle alone- riders who are blind, have eyesight disabilities, head injuries or balance disabilities.

The activity is made possible thanks to the faithful team of volunteers who serve as the front riders, while behind them ride members of the association who have seeing or other disabilities, and cannot ride on their own.

Riding tandem bikes rewards the disabled riders with the joy of the bike riding sport, in almost similar conditions and tracks as regular bikes.

Members of the tandem club take part in big bike events, various rides and trips all over the country.

Other than sport activities, the Tandem club has acquired in recent years, a distinct social flavor. Friendships were formed over the years and various social events take place from time to time.

The activity takes place at the Etgarim bike clubs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv (center), Nahalal (north) and Hatzerim (south).

Address: Hazerim kibbutz

For further information click here or contact Assaf: 054-488-4490

One family – Overcoming Terror Together

One family is the premier national organization that rehabilitates, reintegrates and rebuilds the lives of Israel's thousands of victims of terror attacks. OneFamily is a unique family of professionals, volunteers, supporters and victims – bereaved, maimed and traumatized – young and old – Jews and non-Jews. OneFamily is a non-profit organization recognized in Israel, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Shavu Banim – House of Ethiopian Jewry

THE ETHIOPIAN JEWRY HOUSE, is a cultural and spiritual center operated by the SHAVU BANIM organization – a nonprofit amuta (NGO). The center was established in 1994 by a joint initiative of the Beersheba Municipality, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Keren Hayesod (UIA), the Sacta-Rashi Foundation, and members of the Ethiopian community of Beer Sheva, with support from Mr. Albert von Springer and Friends of Israel in Switzerland and Germany

.The center is looking for volunteers to help Ethiopian school children with their English homework, run activities and help take care of the kids and teenagers there

For further information click here or contact: Tami Licht 0547443076 or e-mail at shavubanim@gmail.com

Beer Sheva Loves Animals

A local organization that helps get animals out of pounds and into homes. The organization finds foster homes for the animals and has adoption fairs once every few weeks in hope to find them permanent homes. They need help running the fairs, taking care of the animals, taking them to the veterinarian, and making rounds of food and accessories for the adopting families

Contact: b7la.volunteers@gmail.com

Engineers without Borders

Engineers without Borders (EWB) is a nonprofit organization. Their goal is to serve the needs of disadvantaged communities and people all over the world. Several Volunteering options are offered, none of which require basic or advanced engineering knowledge.

 For further information click here or contact: ewb@post.bgu.ac.il

AMCHA – The Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation

Amcha is the largest provider of mental health and social support services for Holocaust survivors in Israel, currently reaching close to 20,000 individuals
Amcha – The code word that helped survivors identify fellow Jews in war ravaged Europe now stands for another kind of support system: The opportunity for survivors and their families to unburden their hearts and share their life stories with another person.

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Contact information: Herzel 91, Tel: 08 – 6270224 E-mail: amcha_beer_sheva@amcha.org

Be’er Sova

Be’er-sova is a non-profit organization, established in 1999 by a group of community conscious volunteers, with the goal to supply hot, nutritious, healthy meals for the needy in Beer sheva and the surrounding area, was the first and remains the only kitchen preparing freshly cooked meals daily.

BE’ER-SOVA NEEDS YOU to volunteer in one of the following programs:

1. Preparing meals in the kitchen and serving in the Restaurant Sunday-Friday, volunteers hours are between 9:00am-2:00pm 8 volunteers are needed
2. “Gamal” After-School program for youth at risk: Volunteers Sunday–Thursday 2:00pm-6:00pm, with homework and social activities
3. Preparing food packages: Once a month for about 3 hours, group of 15 volunteers preparing packages for needy families 4. “Meals –on- Wheels”: Sunday-Friday 8:30am-2:00pm. Volunteers accompany the driver in delivering the meals to elderly and disabled home-bound.
For further information click here or contact: mitnadvim@beersova.org.il

Ha Be’er

A local Food co-operative run by students from BGU with the local community in Bet neighborhood. Volunteering options include running the co-op, helping set up, and clean up at the end of every sale

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Students 4 Refugees

A Student Organization which have taken upon themselves to help the local community of refugees living in Arad. The Volunteers teach English, run women-empowerment programs and help take care of the children

For further information click here or contact Students4refugees@gmail.com

Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality

NCF considers that the State of Israel fails to respect, protect and fulfill its human rights obligations, without discrimination, towards the Arab-Bedouin citizens in the Negev. As a result, the Forum has set out as one of its goals to achieve full civil rights and equality for all those living Negev.

The Forum’s activities and projects are based on the principle of Arab-Jewish cooperation and as such, among our members are leaders and academics from the Negev Arab community. As a joint Jewish-Arab group, we maintain a balance and equal partnership in all bodies of the organization, as well as in the decision-making processes.


The Forum is a community-based organization and volunteers are at the heart of our work. Today, 30 core volunteer activists, both Arabs and Jews, dedicate time and effort on a weekly basis to help achieve our mission. In addition, there are about 200 people who participate in select activities on a monthly basis, and about 1,000 who are continuously updated on issues related to NCF and our activities.

More specifically, NCF volunteers take responsibility for a project, issue or activity reflecting their areas of interest and expertise. This could include website maintenance, international advocacy and public relations, attending conferences, participation in NCF meetings, solidarity visits with victims of house demolitions, editing and distributing our newsletter, translating materials, organizing cultural events, and more.

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A New Dawn in the Negev

A New Dawn in the Negev is an organization founded in 2009 with the goal of elevating educational standards in the Negev with a strong emphasis on the Bedouin community. Our work focuses on addressing the social and cultural isolation experienced by Bedouin youth and creating new opportunities for young people, from Jewish and Bedouin backgrounds, to expand their horizons. At the core, A New Dawn is a Bedouin-Jewish organization that seeks to promote equality, coexistence and peace among all residents of the Negev.

This work is accomplished in three ways:

Educational Activities: By partnering with local schools, A New Dawn serves in pedagogical capacity helping teachers and students identify educational gaps and finding creative ways to address these needs

Cultural Activities: In an effort to make Bedouin culture accessible to both a new generation of youth as well as to the outside world, A New Dawn works to document and share traditional cultural practices that for generations represented the essence of Bedouin life

International Activities: By facilitating visits by outside groups to the Negev and organizing international youth exchanges for Bedouin youth, we seek to help young Bedouins develop the intercultural skills needed to be active members of the global community

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