Here are a few helpful things to know about the city, about getting around, and what there is to do and see!

The Be’er-Sheva metropolitan area is the fourth largest in Israel with an overall estimated population of 750,000. The City of Be’er-Sheva covers 118,000 dunams (30,000 acres), more than twice the size of Tel-Aviv, and it has the 8th largest urban population in Israel (over 205,000 residents). Cities surrounding Be’er Sheva are Arad, Dimona, Kiryat Gat, Lehavim, Meitar, Mitspeh Ramon, Netivot, Ofakim, Omer, Sederot & Rahat (the first Bedouin city).

Here is a list of helpful bus lines that pass through Be'er Sheva and go all over Israel.

  • To/from the North

    Afula: 860 Egged
    Tiberias: 880 Egged
    Carmiel, Yokneam: 958 Egged
    Haifa, Yokneam: 955 Egged

  • To/from the Center/Sharon area

    Tel Aviv, Central Bus Station: 370 Metropolin, 394 Egged on Saturdays
    Tel Aviv, Savidor Central Train Station: 380 Metropolin, 469 night line
    Ramat Gan, Petach Tikvah, Bar Ilan University: 358 Metropolin
    Ranana, Bar Ilan University: 669
    Rishon Lezion: 381, 377 Metropolin, 431 on Saturday and Sundays
    Rehovot: 374, 377, 367 Metropolin

  • To/from Jerusalem area

    Jerusalem: 470 Egged
    Jerusalem via Kiryat Gat, Kastina, Shimshon Junction: 446 Egged
    Modiin: 258 Kavim, 357 Metropolin on Friday/Saturday
    Beit Shemesh: 459 Metropolin
    Kiryat Arba and Hebron area: 254, 253, 252, 250, Egged Tavura

  • To/from Shfela area

    Ashdod: 360 Metropolin (via Plugot), 368 Metropolin (via Kiryat Gat, Plugot), 348 Metropolin, 394 Egged
    Ashkelon: 366 Dan BaDaron (via Sderot), 360,368 Metropolin
    Gedera: 377, 374 Metropolin, 367 Metropolin (via Kiryat Gat, Kastina), 394 Egged
    Kiryat Malachi: 258 Kavim, 367, 368 Metropolin, 369, 354, 348 Metropolin, 446 Egged, 394 Egged (on Saturday)

  • To/from Ben Gurion University/ South area

    Sderot: 383, 352, Metropolin, 366 Dan BaDarom
    Netivot: 383, 352 Metropolin
    Ofakim: 332 Dan BaDarom
    Kiryat Malachi: 258 Kavim, 367, 368 Metropolin, 369, 354, 348 Metropolin, 446 Egged, 469 night line
    Dimona: 49 Egged, 358 Metropolin
    Yerucham: 58, 358 Metropolin
    Arad: 386 Metropolin, 384 Egged
    Omer: 37 Metropolin, 10 Metropolin to the entrance
    Dead Sea, Ein Gedi: 384 Egged
    Eilat: 394, 393 Egged
    Lehavim: 47 Dan BaDarom
    Rahat: 450, 451, 455 Galim
    Tel Sheva: 10 Metropolin
    Ksaffia: 20, 21, 52 Metropolin
    Chura: 52, 62 Metropolin
    Lakia: 30, 63 Metropolin
    Arara: 50, 53 Metropolin
    Ashalim, Ktziot: 44 Metropolin
    Retamim, Revadim, Ashalim: 45 Metropolin
    Kibbutz Devira, Lahav, Shomriya: 57 Dan Ba Darom

Looking for a place to grab a beer? Here is a brief list of the many bars that can be found near the University!

Manga    Bar-Giora    Bengi    Bar Ilan    Munchilla    Coca Pub    Blender    Alexander 17     Giza Bar   Roots   Pola   Rozza

There are many tourist attractions around the city! Here are some cool ones to check out:

Negev Museum    Airforce Museum Hatzerim     Negev Zoo     Carrasso Science Park     Monument to the Negev Brigade     Engine 70414     Abraham’s Well Visitors Center     Park of the Australian Soldier     Tel Be’er Sheva

Be'er Sheva has a few big shopping malls- you will always find what you are looking for!

Grand Kanyon Mall     Big Center      One Center      Negev Mall      Ikea

Old City – Street market every Friday     Bedouin Market – every Thursday