student ID

Student ID

  • First year students: Student ID cards will be printed by the University and sent to your home, to the address you entered during registration to the University. Please wait patiently for your ID to arrive.
  • To print a new Student ID you must go to the University's Security Department located in Building 26, 1st floor, Room 113, open every day between 9:00-15:00. *Changes may occure due to Covid19.
  • Until your ID is ready, you can print your personal Approval of Studies form the University site, and have it signed in the Student Union office in the Student Union Building (glass windows to the left when you enter the building). This form will act as a temporary replacement to your permanent Student ID.
  • Issuance of a Student ID for a first-year student is free, but issuance of a new Student ID for a student who in the past received a student ID costs 20 NIS.