student building

We are excited to announce that during the summer vacation the lobby of the Student Building will be getting a makeover, including a complete re-do of the lobby- from lighting to new furniture! The renovations will take place during the summer months, starting on June 21st and through the beginning of the Fall semester.

Please note that entrance to the Student Building will not be permitted through the lobby. Entrance to the first floor will be via the outside stairs.

The renovations will also affect various Student Union services:
-The Student Union Welfare office will be moved to the Student Union workshop room, Floor 2, Room 237. Office hours will be updated below weekly. Studio Positive tickets and workshop registration will be available online only.
-Water coolers and microwaves will be moved to Floor -1, behind Copymedia
-The class summary box will be placed in the entrance to the library.
-The ping pong tables will be temporarily removed

Student Welfare Office hours September 1st-7th
Monday: 10:00-12:00
Tuesday: 12:00-14:00

Have a great summer!