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Here is some important information you should know about Rav Kavs (the yellow card used to pay for the bus and train)

Of course, one of the best things about being a student is the discounts! If you got to this page, you are probably entitled to a student discount.

Here is a list of the different discounts that are available:
-If you choose update your Rav Kav to a Student Profile, you will receive a 33% discount on a bus where the cost of a regular ticket is 15.40 shekels. The student discount for purchasing a two-way ticket is from 17.80 and up.
-If you choose to charge your Rav Kav with the Extended Student Profile (by year or by semester), you will get a 50% discount on each ride, both within the city and outside. This does not include tickets to Eilat.
-Something else to know: showing your student ID will grant you a 30% discount when purchasing a two-way ticket in the train and 33% when purchasing a 12 ride card. 12 rides for the price of 8 is not bad!

A representative from Rav Kav comes to the university in the first week of school!

Between October 21st-25th, a representative from Dan Be'er Sheva bus company will be at the University to help you renew or set up your Student Profile.

Location: Student House, Second Floor, Room 238.

Hours: 9:00-16:00

What you need to bring:

  • Student ID (If you still do not have one, go to the Student Union office – the glass windows to the left when you enter the Student House- so they can sign your Issuance of Studies)
  • Issuance of Studies
  • ID / Passport

Hate waiting in line? There's a solution! The Rav Kav representatives will explain to you how to use their app, where you can set up your student profile!

For  help during the rest of the year, report to a Rav Kav booth as listed their website.