Registration for the Music Room (NA During Covid19)

For hourly registration, CLICK HERE

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Purchasing access to the Music Room
Cost: 70 NIS for a one-year membership starting from date of purchase
To pay by credit card click the star at the bottom of this page.

Any student who is interested in using the Music Room must go to the Student Union offices and request access. You will have to pay 70 shekel for one years access, and fill in your details. Next, we will program your Student Card to grant you access! This can take up to a week. The Student Card must be open for programming: This can be done in building 26, room 101, before the payment in the Union offices! If you’ve already done this, there is no need to do it again.

*The Music room is protected by an Authorised Access Only mechanism and a security camera*

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to join the Music Room Facebook group, so you can follow important updates!

STEP 2: Online Registration to the Music Room

  • You can register for two weekly hours only
  • There are a number of blocked hours that are exclusively for the Music Lessons. Feel free to sign up to any of them through the Student Union offices!
  • It is forbidden to register for someone else or to give your Student Card to anyone else if you will not physically be there. The responsibility over what is happening in the room belongs to the registered student.

The Music Room is an amazing center for so many of the BGU students, and we want to make sure everybody makes the most out of it.

Registration for Music Room hours is to be done about 3 days before the requested time.

Full registration and policies HERE

For More Information:

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