online courses

So the corona virus era has made our lives more free and online. If you've always dreamed of learning Arabic, understanding the marketing world a little more, or taking Yale University's famous course on how to have a happy life – it's about time!

We have put together a list of platforms with online courses in many different topics to make your time more meaningful. If not now then when?

Platforms that offer courses and online learning:

  • "Campus"– A website that gathers no less than * 271 * free online courses from all the universities and colleges in the country. You can even get a certificate at the successful completion of the course!
  • No less than 450 online courses from the respected IVY LEAGUE universities are available now for free! After all, everyone has a dream to study at Harvard.
  • Dualingo–  This platform offers completely free language classes and the learning is done gradually with effective interactive practices.
  • The day after the degree: If you always wanted to know how to program, this site offers online courses in web design, programming, data visualization, information security and more.
  • Forget Pinterest, we've found new hobbies! This site offers free first two months so you can get through your quarantine/social distancing and acquire new hobbies like photography, painting, animation, writing, design and more.
  • Ted is also a brilliant platform to learn from.

Haven't really enjoyed your second semester classes? Here are some other general courses you can take, for free!

    • There's no one who doesn't know Coursera! The (famous) website offers countless free online courses from universities around the world. So that you don't get lost, we already recommend Yale University's famous course about the science of well being (because we all want to be happy), the science of gastronomy (there are no restaurants, woo!)
    • EDX Offers over 2500 online courses from all areas of interest to you. Among them: The science of beer.
    • Khan Academy ofers free online courses for all levels and professions.
    • Masterclass– While it is not free, it is a great platform featuring the best  teachers and coaches in their field. Gordon Ramsey who teaches you a private lesson in cooking – is that nice or stressful?
    • Linkedin teaches us how to work and function remotely and online.

Have you found another interesting course or guide for the coming period and you want everyone to know? Email us and we will add it to our list