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Dreaming of Becoming a Diplomat? The Model UN is the Place for You!

Have you had a lifelong dream of becoming a diplomat? Or does public diplomacy simply attract you? Perhaps you'd like to improve your public-speaking skills or English, as well as broaden your general knowledge?
If any of this sounds interesting to you – the BGU Student Union invites you to join the Model UN!

What is the Model UN?

The model is an academic program run by students – in which around 90,000 students all over the world partake in over 400 conferences each year in different places around the globe. In these conferences, the UN institutesConferences Hall B Building 70' activity is simulated, such as the World Trade Organization, NATO and more. Each student represents a country (which isn't the student's own country) in one of the said institutes. Within these activities – the students practice diplomacy as well as legal activity, as they discuss and try to figure out solutions for various global issues.

So why should I sign up?

The activity within MUN (Model UN) provides an important basis for those aspiring to work in international law, diplomacy in particular and politics in general, since it simulates these three in the most realistic way possible. MUN strengthens and promotes different qualities: public speaking, persuasion, leadership, political cooperation, legislation and so on – not to mention English language skills which naturally improve due to constant practice and use of it. MUN is directly under the Union's supervision, whilst the Israeli Foreign Ministry officially recognizes MUN as a valid mini-model – and even grants all active students with an esteemed participation certificate.

Participation is FREE and open to all BGU’s students!