AFTER's extracurricular activities | First Semester 2018

Krav Maga

This Israeli martial art is based on the principles of simplicity, efficiency and purposefulness that enables a person to exit a violent confrontation with no harm. Krav Maga includes multiple styles and it is popular around the world.

Sundays, Tuesday and Thursdays | 18:30-22:30 (each workout is an hour and a half)| Student Center, floor -1, room 125

Registration for a semester (three months):
One workout a week: Student Price: 390 NIS per semester || Guest: 180 per month
Two workouts a week: Student Price: 600 NIS per semester  || Guest: 290 per month
Three workouts a week: Student Price: 600 NIS per semester  || Guest: 330 per month
Punch card with 4 workouts: 170 NIS ||  Guest 240 NIS
Punch card with 8 workouts: 290 NIS ||  Guest 440 NIS

To pay by credit card click the yellow start at the bottom of this page. To pay by case see the Student Union office.

We offer classes for beginners, advanced, and girls only classes:
20:10-21:10 Advanced
21:15-22:15 Beginners

19:00-20:00 Beginners
20:10-21:10 Advanced
21:15-22:15 Beginners

18:00-19:00 Beginners
19:00-20:00 Advanced
20:10-21:10 Mixed

For more information, contact Idan Gal: 0524661433. To watch a Krav Maga video click here!