Important information about what to do in an emergency

Please review the following information to know how to act in different emergency scenarios.

In the Event of a Rocket or Missile Attack: (taken from the Nefesh B'Nefesh website)

Choose a Shelter

 There are different types of secure spaces that you should go to in the event of an attack. The place you choose will depend on where you have access to and the time it will take you to get there. The options are:

  • Mamad (residential secure space), Mamak (floor secure space), Maman (institution secure space).
  • Bomb Shelter (underground or overground), this can include a private, shared or public shelter.
  • Secure inner room.

Please note: The advice for those living on the top floor of a building without access to options 1 or 2, is that if there are more than three stories, you should go down two flights of stairs. If there are only two stories, to go down just one flight of stairs.   

Creating a Secure Inner Room

 Recommendations are to choose a room that is the innermost room of the building and that has the minimum number of external walls. The room should be able to be sealed off and should have few windows and openings. In addition, there must be no large glass windows and the walls should not be covered in ceramic porcelain, tiles, mirrors or glass.

How Much Time do you Have?

 In Be'er Sheva there is 1 minute to reach a shelter. Please see or call 1207 to find out how much time you have in other cities.

For information on the Home Front Command’s guidelines click here.

You are welcome to write to us with any questions at any time of day on Facebook or email the International Students Coordinator.