After your feedback, our perseverance, and lots of hard work…

The University’s Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Policy has undergone some big changes and is now readily available!

The full policy can be found HERE

As a part of the effort to change some problematic issues, the Student Union has promoted some changes in the Sexual Harassment Policy.

The efforts included:

  • Considering the topic a first priority of the Student Council, and naming a Student Council member to lead the initiative.
  • Setting an “Open Door” meeting hour with the head of Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment in the union, so students were able to come to discuss important issues.
  • We had a meeting on the 1/11 with key figures such as the Judicial Advisor (Lawyer Tamar Mond), the head of the Organizational dept. Eitan Admon, and other representatives of the student body and union.

The main suggestions and changes that were accepted by the university and incorporated into the new policies:

  • The right of the claimant to guidance and support: The guidance will include emotional and academic support, as needed, in addition to guidance through the processes of disciplinary hearings. The guides or support team will stick to strict confidentiality.
  • Intermediate measures: The university is able to order certain intermediary measures for the duration of the disciplinary proceedings. These measures include: Distancing the complainant from the accused, as much as possible, and to limit interference of the accused in decisions regarding the complainant.
  • Concluding the proceedings within reasonable time: The university Head’s decision must be given within 30 days of the beginning of the proceedings, unless special circumstances occur.
  • Further rights of the complainant: To receive clear information and instruction throughout the process, and regular updates.

We promote the complainant be supported by other students so that his/her academic record and social life won’t be hurt or limited by the proceedings.

We believe there are still many changes to make, but we are so proud of these steps forward!

For further Information:

 The Head of Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment
Yael Livne
Student Center, 1st Floor, Room 168