The Be’er Sheva Municipality assists students by bringing its offices to us right here at the University to make receiving the property tax discount easier!

You can book an appointment with the Municipality lawyer here.

Please bring the following forms with you to your meeting:

1. Property Lease

2. A copy of the property owner's ID.

3. A copy of your ID and for all of the tenants/roommates.

4. A university acceptance form or approval of studies for the current school year, for each tenant requesting a discount.

5. A copy of the school schedule or course registration for each tenant requesting a discount.

6. For a working student requesting a discount – the last 3 pay slips, or pay slips from the months of October-November-December 2017. If you've only started working and you don't have 3 pay slips, or if during the summer you worked in a job with a great income, but during the semester your income is lower – the municipality states that you must wait until you have the 3 required pay slips, which fit the criteria stated in the previous section. You can receive the discount retroactively a year back. Please note that waiting for the pay slips does not permit you to not pay the Arnona tax! Pay it in full, and after you'll get the student discount you will get a full retroactive refund. A 106 Form is NOT relevant.

7. For an unemployed student seeking a discount you will need a declaration signed by a lawyer. Click here to download affidavit form the lawyer needs to sign.

8. A document requesting the discount, which you can download here. You only need one of these for an apartment; there is no need for a separate form for each tenant.

9. If you receive a scholarship, you must bring proof showing the amount you're receiving from the scholarship.

Book an appointment with the municipality lawyer. The first calendar that appears is for October. You may scroll to the month of November to find a date that works for you. When you find a time slot, click the orange button, fill in your information and then click the orange button to confirm, or the gray button to cancel.

Please check that the information you fill in is correct.

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