Professional Training from Home

Looking for professional training from home? Sick of improvising your own healthy routine? Can't stand watching another Instagram training video?

Starting today, Studio Positive's professional trainers are available in YOUR living room! FOR FREE

Enjoy three different classes that will get you off that couch, and maybe even sweat a little bit. We can help you build a healthy lifestyle that is suitable to the everchanging reality.

So… Yalla! Put those sneakers on and hit Play, leave the rest to our trainers…

*** The videos are in Hebrew, but you don't need to understand what they are saying in order to enjoy them, they explain visually what your body should be doing physically:) ***

Videos ©: Adam Alert

***For our online live classes, visit our Studio Positive schedule and sign up for your classes!

Cardio Shape with Nofar Ron and Shiri Doitsh

HIIT with Nofar Ron and Shiri Doitsh

Yoga with Eliran Haviv