Borrow Camping Equipment

Do you want to go camping but don't have a tent? Want to make a campfire with friends but don't have the proper equipment? From now, the Student Union is here for you- and exclusively for international students-  come and borrow camping equipment from us!

The Student Union offers a camping equipment rental service so now you have no excuse not to plan a camping trip with your friends!

Come to the Student Union Services Office and Leave your ID or a valid driver's license, sign a confirmation that you will vouch for the equipment you're borrowing (In case of loss or damage). When you finish using it, please return the equipment to the office.

Also, you can borrow equipment for use in the evening, just return it the next day no later than 13:00.

What can I borrow?

– 4 person tent
– Sleeping bag
– Sleeping bag liner
– Mattresses

For further details contact