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ֿAre you renting an apartment in the city? Did you know you can get a 50% discount on Arnona (property tax)? Take a deep breath and read up on what you must do in order to get the discount. And don’t forget- the Student Authority is here to help!

Once every two months you will receive in the mail a bill to pay, which you pay on the City Municipality’s site, at the Post Office, or on various bank sites. More information on this can be found here.
It is important to clarify that you have paid the Arnona for the current tenants of the apartment and not for previous ones.

In the beginning of the year the Student Union lawyer comes to campus along with representatives from the Municipality in order to sign the forms you need to get the discount.

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Important message to those who work:
Make sure it bring with you a copy of the past three month’s income. If you did not work consecutively and you do not have your last three paychecks, wait until you receive paychecks for October, November, and December and then apply for the discount.
If you make less than 3,263 shekels per month you are eligible for the discount.
Pay attention- scholarship are also considered an income, and therefore you must include a form with the scholarship information and the amount of money you receive.

Those eligible for the 50% discount are students who do not work at all, or whose gross monthly income is not more than 3,263 shekels.
If each roommate in the apartment is eligible for the discount, a 50% discount will be given. In the case that not everyone is eligible, the discount will be given relatively:
– If one of two roommates are eligible: a 25% discount will be given
– If one of three roommates are eligible: a 15% discount will be given
– If two of three roommates are eligible: a 37% discount will be given

Please prepare the following documents:

1. A copy of the lease for at least 12 months, signed by the property owner according to the municipality registers. If the lease was signed by a power of attorney somebody else, supply a copy of the ID and a document proving the power of attorney. If several leases were signed for the apartment (one for each tenant), you must present them all.

2. A copy of the property owner's ID. If these are not available, bring a copy of the passport or driver's license. If the property is owned by a company, you must present a confirmation of the company, a signature as well as the ID of the person signing this confirmation.

3. A copy of your ID and for all of the tenants/roommates. If these are not available, bring a copy of the passport or driver's license. Make sure to include your Visa information.

4. A university acceptance form or approval of studies for the current school year, for each tenant requesting a discount.

5. A copy of the school schedule or course registration for each tenant requesting a discount.

6. For a working student requesting a discount – the last 3 pay slips, or pay slips from the months of October-November-December 2017. If you've only started working and you don't have 3 pay slips, or if during the summer you worked in a job with a great income, but during the semester your income is lower – the municipality states that you must wait until you have the 3 required pay slips, which fit the criteria stated in the previous section. You can receive the discount retroactively a year back. Please note that waiting for the pay slips does not permit you to not pay the Arnona tax! Pay it in full, and after you'll get the student discount you will get a full retroactive refund. A 106 Form is NOT relevant.

7. For an unemployed student seeking a discount you will need a declaration signed by a lawyer. Click here to download affidavit form the lawyer needs to sign.

8. A document requesting the discount, which you can download here. You only need one of these for an apartment; there is no need for a separate form for each tenant.

9. If you receive a scholarship, you must bring proof showing the amount you're receiving from the scholarship.

Meeting with a municipality lawyer:

Instead of you running around searching for a lawyer, the Union is happy to cut this process short. The Union has its own lawyer, and in the beginning of the year there will be several weeks during which he will be present in the Student Center, and students can get their unemployment declaration signed, according to set appointments. So first, make sure you've got the said declaration form (the same form from the previous step) and come to the designated appointment you signed up for.

For a meeting with the lawyer it is crucial to show an ID which isn't a Student ID Card – meaning an ID, passport or driver's license. The appointments are available to Student Union members who have paid the relevant welfare payment (automatically charged by the university unless a student has specifically objected to this).  In addition, bring all of the forms listed above to your meeting with the lawyer. The lawyer will be available between October 25th-November 22nd. To book an appointment with a lawyer click here.

The lawyer will also receive students on Tuesdays at his office in the Old City – 3rd floor of Beit Gozlan, 78th Hadassa St. Scheduling an appointment will be done through the Student Union Service Office at the Student Center which you may contact also at 08-6472340. Forms can be handed in by hand to the representatives on the dates they are at the university or by fax- 08-6206491 or by email:

When will I receive the discount?

The municipality will take care of your request within 30 days and you will retroactively receive any money owed to you. If you apply for the discount by the 31st of March, you will receive the discount. If you apply after the 1st of April, you will retroactively receive money only from the 1st of January.

When you leave the apartment you currently live in, is it your responsibility to notify the municipality.

Additional methods of payment:
For payment by phone you can call -08-6206511 operating from Sunday-Thursday from 8:00-17:00.
Fax can be sent to 08-6206491
Emails can be sent to
Payment via credit card can be made 24/7 by calling 1-800-200-155.

That's all. Assuming everything went smoothly, you will get your 50% discount letter, and receive your paid Arnona funds retroactively. After this process you will be registered as property holders. Please notice that your property registration begins when your lease began. If previous debts were owed by the previous holder, they will remain in his/her name and won't be transferred on to you. Once you finish your lease, meaning – move to another apartment, it will be your responsibility to officially write and notify the municipality about this.

A student family composed of two spouses when one of the two works or a student family composed of 3 individuals or more will submit a request to receive a discount according to their income.

– In the case of a roommate or a partner who is not a student and works- In addition to the requirement mentioned above, you must submit the last 3 pay slips according the date of your request or pay slips for the months of October – December of the last two years.

-In the case of a roommate or a partner who is not a student and doesn't work:

* An unemployed status form from Bituach Leumi (Social security)

* A declaration that no benefits were received during 2017+2018 from Bituach Leumi (Social security)

* A printout of your bank account from the last 3 months.

– In case of a roommate (either a student or not) who works but doesn't fit the entitlement criteria because of the level of their income,  no document should be submitted except for the lease and a copy of an ID – His entitlement to a discount will be denied.

– If more than one student has signed on the lease, including a tenant who is not a student, you must show income documents for each of the tenants. As we've stated before – if one or more of the tenants is not a student or is not entitled to a discount, you will get a discount according to your income.

– A student renting one apartment, but owns another apartment for which s/he receives rent – the rent for the property will count as income only if it is higher than what the student pays for the apartment in which s/he lives. For example, if a student receives rent for the owned property, of 2000 NIS, but pays rent for the apartment s/he lives in for only 1000 NIS, the amount will count as only 1000 NIS.

– If the owner of the property is one of the tenants, s/he counts as the only apartment holder. The other tenants will count as side-tenants and won't be registered in the municipality. This is why only the owner will receive an Arnona discount.

– A tenant who leaves the apartment mid-lease and wants the apartment to not be written under his/her name, must supply a written approval from the property owner, stating the date he/she leaves, on a copy of the property owner's ID.

– If one of the pay slips from the last 3 months is higher than the limit of the discount requirement, this does not necessarily mean you will not get the discount. The calculation is done according to an average of the last 3 pay slips, so that if only one is higher, you might still get the discount.

– If the lease is finished and you no longer live in the apartment, wishing it won't be registered as yours (and so the Arnona payments will no longer be directed to you), you must give the right form plus your ID. There is no need to get the property owner's signature in this case.

In order to find out details concerning payments and to pay on the phone, call [08-6206511], active Sunday-Thursday from 08:00-17:00, Email or send a fax to [08-6206491] (make sure they have arrived!). Credit card payments via telephone are available 24 hours at [1800-200-155]. The municipality also allows regular payments via the bank, so you can get another 2% discount in this method.